Jeremiah Owyang joining with Social: IRL to host unique workshop event for those serious about social media for business

When it comes web strategy, interactive marketing, and social technologies, Jeremiah Owyang is one of the most respected names in the industry. Partner of Customer Strategy at Altimeter Group, Jeremiah has keynoted at major industry conferences across the US, Europe and Asia.

On April 26 Jeremiah will join Social: IRL to host the Social Business Summit & Strategy Workshop. The event takes place at the Embassy Suites Hotel, minutes from the Kansas City International Airport making for easy local or national travel.

This event offers a truly unique opportunity for anyone serious about social business and social strategy to go well beyond the typical conference keynote and actually spend a full day learning from Jeremiah in an interactive hands on workshop style setting.

With a focus on business objectives first, Jeremiah will lead attendees through sessions that present a framework, include hands on workshops, group collaboration, and interactive Q&A. There will also be featured panel discussions with representatives from leading national corporations including Sprint, H&R Block, Applebees and AMC Theatres. The goal of this day-long workshop is for attendees to learn from both Jeremiah and from fellow attendees and bring an actionable plan to their day jobs.

The chance to spend a full day in such an interactive workshop environment with someone of Jeremiah’s caliber is a rare and valuable opportunity.  Registration for this day-long event is $395 per attendee. Breakfast and lunch are included. Attendees will also receive workshop materials and research reports related to social business.


Facts At A Glance:

Event: Social Business Summit and Strategy Workshop with Jeremiah Owyang

Date: April 26, 2011

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Venue: Embassy Suites at Kansas City International Airport

Registration: $395 per attendee


Jeremiah Owyang:

Jeremiah Owyang is an influential thought leader on web strategy, interactive marketing, and social technologies. He is experienced with emerging technologies that stem from the brand side, agency side, and industry analyst perspective. An accomplished speaker, Jeremiah has spoken all over the US as well as Asia and Europe and keynoted at prominent industry conferences including Internet Strategy Forum, Web 2.0 Expo, and SXSW.

Despite his industry credentials, he lives and breathes the social web and interacts with over 50,000 Twitter followers,  and has earned over 120,000 unique visitors to his blog “Web Strategy,” which focuses on how corporations connect with their customers using web technologies. According to Technorati, the Web Strategy blog is in the top 1000 of all global blogs, and it’s rated the #1 Analyst Blog according to Technobabble and analyst rating ranking, and ranked #27 according to AdAge’s “Power 150” top blogs.

In the realm of social technologies, Jeremiah is frequently sought after as he writes a regular column for the ForbesCMO Network, and has appeared on Bloomberg TV and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USAToday, the Associated Press, and other technology and business related publications. He was featured in the 2009 “Who’s Who” in the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Jeremiah is currently Partner of Customer Strategy at Altimeter Group, a consulting firm that provides thought leadership, research, and consulting on digital strategies. He works closely with clients to craft and deliver successful, long-term strategies which integrate customer/community needs, business objectives, and technology.

Previously, Jeremiah was a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research focused on social computing for the interactive marketer. Prior to that, he was the Director of Corporate Media Strategy at PodTech Network, a podcasting and online video startup. From 2005-2007 Jeremiah held the title of Manager of Global Web Marketing at Hitachi Data Systems and launched their community and blog program. He also served as the Intranet Architect at World Savings (now Wells Fargo) and was a user experience professional at Exodus Communications.

Just added to the agenda for Sarah Evans Springfield event…

For anyone joining Social: IRL and Sarah Evans in Springfield MO on February 8, we have some last minute additions to the day’s agenda I wanted to share with you.

Sarah is adding new sections to the agenda to cover two subjects a lot of you have been discussing and asking questions about – influencers and metrics.

Sarah is also building in to the agenda seven detailed case studies which will help you look at what you learn with a very real perspective.

I’m also excited that Gary Lee, CEO of mBLAST, will be flying in from Atlanta to lead a session looking more indepth at the question of influencers and infleuncer marketing. Gary recently wrote about the subject for Mashable and will provide some valuable insights on this very topical issue.

Another bonus… giveaways!

Event sponsor Klout have given us some special t-shirts to give away. We also have a couple of copies of the must read Brian Solis book, Engage!  There will be plenty of opportunities to win one of the giveaways as the day goes on.

Attendees joining us for this event are in for a special treat. Sarah is excited to be headed to Springfield and has a great day planned.

If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time but you’ll have to hurry!

Opportunity for two “future influencers” to attend Sarah Evans boot camp thanks to Klout

On Tuesday, February 8, nationally renowned public relations and new media expert Sarah Evans will be in Springfield Missouri for the Social: IRL Social Marketing Boot Camp.

During the event Sarah will spend some six hours taking an in-depth look at the role of social media in marketing and public relations.  This will be a very hands-on learning experience focussing on practical tools and techniques attendees can take and implement in a very real way.

The event also represents a tremendous opportunity for any student interested in a career in marketing or public relations. Sarah has devoted a considerable amount of time to helping students and new professionals, including the launch of the Sevans Network to provide practical support and assistance.

Recognizing the value of this opportunity, we are very pleased that one of our sponsors, Klout, are providing a chance for two full time students to attend the event at no charge.

To apply for one of the two complimentary registrations, students should describe in 500 words or less what they hope to learn from Sarah at the Social Marketing Boot Camp, and explain how they feel they will be able to use social media in their career or community.

Use our online contact form to submit entries.  Make sure to include full name, email, contact phone number, and Twitter user name (if applicable).

Entries must be received by 5pm on Friday, February 4. Individuals receiving the complimentary registrations will be contacted Saturday February 5. Each individual will receive a complimentary event registration. They will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements and expenses.

Thanks to Klout for providing this opportunity to two special “future influencers”.

Explore and Engage: Links and resources

We’re pleased to share some of the content posted by attendees following our Explore and Engage event in Wichita KS:

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Spiral16 notes on Brian Solis Presentation

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“Social Media as a Continuum” blog by Lynn Wolf

Lynn Wolf YouTube Videos: Brian Solis  Jason Falls

Chirpstory compilation of #EEICT tweets (does not included any of the post event tweets)

Facebook Event

Gowalla Spot

Explore and Engage: A Quick recap

Thank you to the 120 attendees at Wednesday’s Explore and Engage with Jason Falls and  Brian Solis.

As with all Social: IRL events, the goal was for a hands-on event, lots of practical experience and learning, and for you to leave with new ideas and tools you could implement in a very real way. From reading your feedback on Twitter I feel confident we achieved that goal. Thank you for all the great comments. If you have any suggestions for future events I would welcome your feedback.

Thanks to each of the sponsors: Start-Thinking, Cox Communications, Klout, Spiral16, mBLAST, Wichita Area Technical College, Mashable, AAF Wichita and Wichita AMA.

A special thanks to Kris Schindler and the team from Start-Thinking who not only helped create and host Explore and Engage but put in a tremendous amount of behind the scenes work and helped everything run smoothly on the day. Also a special thanks to the team at Wichita Area Technical College. What a fantastic venue! I hope we’ll be back with another event.

It was great to see such a high level of engagement from those attending the event, even from those not present but following along on Twitter. The conversation had been pretty strong for some weeks, prompting this tweet from Jason Falls more than two weeks prior to the event.  But things really took off the day of the event and continued through the next day as attendees kept the conversation very much alive.

In just those two days alone we tracked some 1,446 tweets with the #EEICT event hashtag.

Thanks Brian and Jason. The ideas, thoughts and knowledge shared by the two of you was not just inspiring but was also presented in a very real context that gave great value to our attendees.  Looking forward to our next Explore and Engage event.

Next up is the Social: IRL Social Marketing Boot Camp with Sarah Evans. Join us for that event February 8 in Springfield MO.

In just a short while I’ll be posting links to Jason’s presentation and to blogs, videos, photo galleries, and other content shared by event attendees.  If you attended the event and have posted any content online, please send me the link and I’ll get it added.  I’ll also be posting my own photo gallery and some video highlights soon.

Thanks again for being part of Explore and Engage.

Congratulations Sarah and Becki…

Social: IRL recently offered the opportunity for two individuals to receive complimentary registrations to Explore and Engage with Jason Falls and Brian Solis, taking place in Wichita KS on January 19.

Applications were carefully considered and we are pleased to announce Sarah K. Scoular and Becki Carl Stutz as recipients of these special registrations.

Their respective submissions are included below.

Congratulations Sarah and Becki, we’re glad you’ll be joining us at Explore and Engage and are excited to see how you apply what you learn.


Sarah K. Scoular

As I was recently informed my job position will be eliminated in the upcoming months, I’ve found myself at an unexpected crossroads. Working for Sunflower Broadband for the past 8 years has allowed me to not only grow as a person and a leader but it also opened my eyes to the power of Social Media.

In early 2009 I was given the opportunity to represent our brand online. With the help of my team and the guidance of the World Company Social Media team we created a powerful portal to support our customers. Over the past 2 years, that portal has become the most influential link to our brand. Our engagement in social media has made our most vocal detractors our most vocal advocates. Having personally answered and resolved our customer’s issues at all hours of the day, all days of the week, I’ve become inextricably linked and emotionally attached to our followers. I thrive on the rush I get from shaping people’s opinions about our brand. I’ve been employed in some form of customer service for the past 15 years but through Social Media I have found my true passion.

When I envision the perfect job for myself it is managing a Digital Care Team who assists customers through digital interactions such as email, chat and all forms of social media. By combining the skills I’ve acquired through practice, self-education, attending events like Free State Social and Social Marketing Bootcamp with the information I will take from Explore and Engage, I believe I will be an invaluable asset to any team I join.  From Explore and Engage I hope to gain skills necessary to translate my practical knowledge of social media into a tangible strategy I can present to potential employers. Also, adding Brian Solis and Jason Falls to the already stellar list of experts I’ve connected with (Ben Smith, Chris Brogan, Jeremiah Owyang, Sarah Evans, etc) can only improve my chances of finding a job in this field


Becki Carl Stutz

Health care may be one of the country’s leading industries in terms of size and scope, but it has been one of the slowest industries to embrace advances in technology, including establishing a presence in the arena of social media. According to Ed Bennett’s blog, Found in Cache, of the nearly 5,000 hospitals in the United States, there are currently only 890 hospitals that are using some form of social media.

There has been a significant shift in how consumers are obtaining their health information and social media is becoming a primary tool for people to consume content and research information.  With this growth in social media, health care organizations need to capitalize on these outlets.  Social networking can be a powerful way to get a hospital’s message out to the public.  It allows for a hospital to connect with customers, communicate with their employees, manage and protect a brand, and promote your organization to new employees or patients. Social Media is a technology; it is a tool. Its uses are only limited by our creativity and imagination.

I would like to be selected to attend the Explore & Engage event because as someone who is finishing my Masters Degree in Health Services Administration, I see how social media will influence and change the practice of medicine and I want to be prepared to meet those changes.  Health care is largely about relationships, and those of us involved in this industry need to be aware of how emerging technologies like social and digital media are giving patients, doctors and nurses new ways of communicating and collaborating.

Additionally, through my personal uses of social networking, I see how implementing those practices in my current role as a Volunteer Coordinator in a hospital can be utilized to recruit and retain volunteers.  On a national level, very few hospitals are using social media to engage potential volunteers.  I want to develop a strategic plan that will harness the potential of social networking in not only reaching new volunteers but to keep our current volunteers more connected to our organization.

I am relatively new to the world of social media.  While I have been a member of Facebook for several years, I have only just started expanding my horizons this past year by joining Twitter and Foursquare.  I have found my involvement in these platforms to be of great benefit not only personally, but professionally as well.  I feel the information that I would learn from the Explore & Engage event will build on the limited knowledge I have and will help me to develop new ways that I can support vision of the organization for which I work.

Excitement building for Explore and Engage

It’s been great to see excitement building for Explore and Engage with Jason Falls and Brian Solis, taking place in Wichita KS, on January 19.

Attendees will be traveling to Wichita from as far away as Alabama and British Columbia.

Buzz has been building on Twitter, prompting this tweet from Jason Falls:

Explore and Engage is not just a unique opportunity to learn from two of the nation’s leading experts in an intimate workshop setting, but is going to be a valuable opportunity to network with and learn from other attendees who are clearly excited about taking their presence on the social web to a whole new level.

There’s still time to register and be part of this special experience, but spaces are limited so you’ll need to act soon!

Social: IRL sponsoring four attendees for Brian Solis, Jason Falls and Sarah Evans events

Social: IRL is pleased to offer this special opportunity for four carefully selected individuals to receive complimentary registrations for upcoming events with leading social and new media experts Brian Solis, Jason Falls and Sarah Evans.

Two individuals will be selected to attend the Explore and Engage event with Jason Falls and Brian Solis in Wichita KS on January 19.

Two individuals will be selected to attend the Social Marketing Boot Camp with Sarah Evans in Springfield MO on February 8.

The opportunity is open to those who are self employed, represent a small business or non-profit organization, are a student, or are currently seeking employment.

The four attendees who are selected will be announced January 3.

To apply for one of the four complimentary registrations, you should describe in 500 words or less what you hope to learn from either Jason and Brian at the Explore and Engage event, or from Sarah at the Social Marketing Boot Camp, and explain how you feel you will be able to use social media to make a positive impact for yourself, your community, or the small business or non-profit organization you represent.

 Use our online contact form to submit entries.  Make sure to include full name, email, contact phone number, and Twitter user name (if applicable).

Why not get friends and family to support your entry by tweeting about it. Make sure to include hashtags so we can track the conversations. For the Wichita event use hashtag #EEICT. For Springfield use hashtag #SocialIRL.

Entries must be received by December 31, 2010. Individuals receiving the complimentary registrations will be announced January 3, 2011. Each individual will receive a complimentary event registration valued at $225. They will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements and expenses.

Q & A with Gowalla Co-Founder and CTO, Scott Raymond

I’m a huge fan of Gowalla. I use multiple location-based services, but really appreciate Gowalla for their focus on quality user experience, tools that let you explore and share well beyond simply checking in at a location, and for developing a business plan where partnerships don’t simply generate income but actually enhance the user experience in some truly creative ways.  You just get the sense that they love what they do and care deeply about quality of both product and experience, as well as about the users themselves. Tweet at them, I’ll bet they take time to respond.

Scott Raymond, Gowalla’s Co-Founder and CTO, recently took time out of his busy schedule (both at Gowalla and as a proud new parent) to talk to Social: IRL. I’m excited to release this interview the same day that Gowalla themselves release a major update of their flagship iPhone app, version 3.0. Scott talks about that update in the interview.

Feel free to leave feedback or questions at the end of the post. Special thanks to Scott for taking time out to chat with us.

With the increasing number of location based services, how do you feel Gowalla stands apart? What makes the Gowalla experience unique?

The vision that we’ve always had for Gowalla, and that’s still unique, is to inspire a sense of exploration and discovery. Of course, exploring the world is its own reward, but sometimes people appreciate a little nudge, an excuse to veer off their usual path and discover something new. For example, collecting Gowalla Passport stamps is so simple, but so fun. When I visit a new city and have a few spare hours, I love to walk around and collect the custom stamps in the area — it’s more purposeful than aimless wandering, but more personal and organic than following a pre-fab tourist map.

Today we released a major new update to our iPhone app, and I think it really emphasizes what makes Gowalla special. There is a ton of new stuff in this version, but a couple are especially relevant.

First, we wanted to make checking in as fast as humanly possible, so we put a Check In button at the bottom of every screen. When you select it, you can start typing a message even while the GPS is still loading your nearby spots. Then we use your history to intelligently predict which spot you are at, which you can quickly override if needed. All of this adds up to a major improvement in the total “launch-to-checkin” time.

The second huge feature is new and deeper 3rd-party integration with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Foursquare. Up till now, we’ve allowed you to share check-ins with Facebook and Twitter. Now you can share check-ins with your Foursquare and Tumblr friends as well. And even cooler, you can now *see* check-ins from your friends on Foursquare and Facebook. So if some of your friends use Gowalla, some use Foursquare, and some use Facebook, now you can use one app to share your location with everyone, and see where everyone is

It’s a huge update, so check out the App Store to see everything new. 

What was the original inspiration for developing Gowalla? And how about that name… Where did “Gowalla” come from?

When smartphones became mainstream with the advent of the iPhone, we thought a lot about what it means to have an always-connected, pocket-sized, location-aware device with a rich display. But the vision really become personal when our CEO, Josh Williams, was on a trip to Tahoe, looking out over a scenic landscape, and wished for some way to capture the moment and share it with family back home, sort of like a souvenir. That’s when he sketched out the initial concept for the digital passport — and we started building the first prototype shortly after that. The name Gowalla came out of a brainstorming session. We liked it because it’s a little goofy, fun to say, and it vaguely evokes an outback-explorer vibe. :-)

Does Gowalla have a formal mission statement you can share?

Our vision in a nutshell is to enable connections at the intersection of people and places. In other words, we’re not out to build a generic social network, like Facebook. And we’re not interested in creating a static travel guide or business listing service. But when people and places are overlayed, there is an explosion of interesting possibilities, and we want to help enable that. 

Checkin specials have been a key focus for location based services such as Foursquare and Facebook Places. Is that something we should be expecting to see from Gowalla?

Yeah, check-in deals are one of several ways that we’re trying to make the experience more rewarding, and we’ve already done lots of them. Ultimately though, I think coupons are just one piece of the puzzle, and I’m not terribly interested in just creating a coupon company. What interests me commercially is creating new ways for people to connect with businesses they love, and to enable two-way conversation. When we talk to small businesses, they tell us that they want to engage with their best customers better. For example, when a restaurateur can get a real-time notification that a regular customer has just arrived, she could come out to greet them personally. There are dozens of other ways that businesses can strengthen their customer relationships with this technology, and that’s the stuff that really excites me. 

Gowalla recently enabled businesses and venues to claim their Gowalla spots. You also created the opportunity for businesses to purchase custom stamps. What type of response have you seen so far?

Allowing businesses to claim their spots and purchase custom stamps has been something we’ve wanted to do for a while. We suspected that the demand would be great, so we didn’t launch the program till we were sure we could keep up. The response has been great, and over the next year we’ll be rolling out new features and tools to give businesses more insight into their Gowalla spots. 

How can a local business use Gowalla to better engage customers?

The first step is simple: every local business owner should make sure to claim their Gowalla spot now — it’s free — at That will give you ownership of your Gowalla real estate, allowing you to control all the the associated metadata (hours of operation, phone number and address, website links, etc). And most interestingly, you’ll be able to configure a custom welcome message that’s displayed after each check-in, which is a great place to welcome your customers, inform them of specials, etc.

The next tip is to encourage your customers to check in when they arrive, especially during peak hours or special events. The reason is simple: when enough people are checked in at the same time, your business will become a “hot spot” — and instantly jump to the top of the list in your city. Creative and strategic use of hot spots can be a great way to drive awareness of a business or event.

Is there a niche type of business you feel could most benefit from using Gowalla?

I just mentioned events, and I think that’s a category that’s very interesting in Gowalla. One of our unique features is that a Gowalla spot is more than just a place — it can also be an event. So users can create temporary Gowalla spots for parties, conventions, concerts, sales, weddings, whatever. I think that we’ll start to see more inventive uses by promoters to spread the word about their events. 

What do you consider Gowalla’s greatest success to date?

There are a ton of accomplishments I’m very proud of — our recent partnership with Disney has been quite a thrill, and having our iPad app called out by Steve Jobs at the Apple developers conference was quite an honor. But perhaps the coolest thing is the collective accomplishment of our users, who have done far more than our company of nearly 30 could ever do ourselves. Namely, amassing a huge database of rich, accurate, quality location information covering the whole world. And all of that information remains open to the community, through our API. 

How did the launch of Facebook Places impact Gowalla?

It was great to be a launch partner with Facebook Places. As we expected, we haven’t seen any slowdown at all in Gowalla’s growth. With today’s update for our iPhone app, our integration with Facebook Places is going even deeper. They are clearly putting a lot of energy into their local deals, and we’re going to continue to focus on our strengths — great user experience, clear privacy controls, cool tools for exploring the world, and deep integration with 3rd-party services. 

Can you share any insights on what we can expect to see from Gowalla in the coming months?

We have invested a lot of energy recently into making the check-in process as fast and smooth as possible. That effort will always continue, and from there we’re going to keep working on making it easier to record your travels, share your experiences, explore the world, and connect with friends. One example I’m excited about is a new feature called Notes. From the web or the mobile app, you can leave a note for a friend at a certain spot. The next time the friend checks in at that spot, the note will be displayed right on their device. It’s a fun way to give personalized recommendations, leave a surprise love note, or even leave a reminder for yourself. I expect people to come up with some very cool uses that we haven’t even imagined yet.

Q & A with Ryan Osborn, Director of Social Media, NBC News

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that news media and the social web is a subject I am especially passionate about. Whether a local community newspaper or national news organization, embracing social media is a must. It should be integrated into news gathering and dissemination, advertising services, and all aspects of community engagement. It is vital to stay relevant to both readers and advertisers. To engage them in the medium where they themselves are engaged.  It is also vital to be at the very center of the community, whether that community is a physical community or online community. If we do not maintain relevance then by default we become irrelevant. If we allow ourselves to become irrelevant then ultimately we become obsolete.

It is also important to understand that it isn’t just about setting up a Twitter account or Facebook page and pumping out headline after headline. That might drive some traffic. But the opportunity is much greater. Opportunities to re-engage the community in new, exciting and very real ways. To report in a truly dynamic real-time fashion. To share rich multimedia content. Create and engage in conversations. Deepen relationships. Be experts for advertisers and help them effectively integrate social media with existing marketing strategies. Build very real online communities. Develop new revenue streams. The list goes on.

One news organization that is truly embracing the social web as a powerful platform to gather and share news and to reach an engaged new audience is NBC News.  I recently chatted with Ryan Osborn, their Director of Social Media, who took time out to share insights on the role social media plays in their organization.



What social networks is NBC News actively engaged in?

It is getting hard to define a social network as almost all digital outlets have social characteristics but to name a few NBC News is engaging users on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, MeetUp, Tunerfish, GetGlue, GoMiso and our team is always looking for what is next.

What are your goals of being present on the social web?

Our main goal is to tell the best stories with the most accurate information across all platforms. With the rise of citizen journalism, we need to be listening and responding to users. Social networks offer a great  scalable opportunity to have that conversation.
What do you see as the key opportunities for you as a news organization in using the social web?

The key opportunity is to reach our users in the most convenient way. As we report, promote and distribute content, we see that our users can help us with each part of that process.

Has the social web impacted the way you gather or disseminate news?

Yes. The social web never stops. We are always listening and also trying to figure out what is the best workflow for how we share our stories. Asking: What makes a good tweet? What makes a good blog post? How do we offer the best context around all of this reporting on TV?

Do you actively monitor the social web for potential breaking news? Have there been examples of stories you’ve broken as a result of monitoring the social web?

Yes. Our best example was when the US Airways flight landed in the Hudson River, we found a TwitPic and did a phoner with the witness on MSNBC.

Are there any examples you could share of how using social media has impacted reporting of a specific story?

I’m particularly interested in watching how social media will be used on Election Day. Watching people report from polls and surfacing that content continues to evolve. We are also focused on giving users the tools and resources to watch our coverage how they want. Working with, our video player is shareable on Facebook and for the first time the new Twitter. We are also working with some other developers who are doing interesting things.

Do you provide any type of social media training to news staff?

I have found the best kind of training happens one on one. Simply introducing people to tools and how they can be used to tell stories. Within a big organization, we can have different goals and we want to empower our employees.

Do you have a social media policy in place providing formal guidelines for conduct on the social web?

The President of NBC News Steve Capus has been very supportive and encouraging the division to use the tools but also understand how to use them correctly. Our standards and practices team has set guidelines. We are always working to communicate them. As some journalists have recently lost their jobs because of behavior online, it is an evolving conversation.

Any advice you would have for current students who may be considering a future in the news industry? Is the social web something they should be investing in as part of their future in the industry?

One thing that interests me is how social media has aided the rise of personal brands within organizations, particularly news organizations. If you are a current student, try to figure out what skills and ideas make you unique. Own your brand online and start building a community around your work. As you start applying for jobs this will offer you an advantage as you will come to your potential employer with a built-in audience. If your audience is big enough, you may not even need an employer.

Any other comments or anything else you’d like to share concerning NBC and the social web?

We are committed to learning. We are still at the beginning of this curve and I think being able to innovate in the future will rely on our ability to listen to our users. Always appreciate feedback so look forward to reading comments.


Connect with NBC News on Twitter:




Social marketing boot camp with Sarah Evans: Another recap

Another great recap of the September 14 boot camp with Sarah Evans, this time from Dave Greenbaum of DoctorDave Computer Repair.

Thanks Dave for taking the time to write such a great post. The goal for all Social: IRL events is to go beyond the typical conference  – to focus on a more involved learning and networking experience with a very real and practical takeaway you can actually implement to help grow and enhance your business. “IRL” isn’t just part of our business name, but something we believe is key in each and every event we are part of.

You can read Dave’s recap in his blog at

Feel free to leave links to any other recaps or to share your own thoughts on the event in the comments section below.