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Spredfast was created to help companies be great at social media management. When the company was started in 2008, it was already clear how chaotic social media management could be. Since then, social has only gotten more important. It is now a primary channel for customer and market communications.  Spredfast SCRM, a software as a service (SaaS) solution, was first introduced in 2010 – combining listening, publishing, managing and measuring social activity all from one system for the first time. The idea of Social CRM became a reality for marketers.  Today, Spredfast works with companies and agencies of all shapes and sizes from around the world. The Spredfast Social CRM platform helps social media practitioners gain Social Advantage by monitoring, engaging, coordinating and integrating social media with one, robust application.


Expion provides Enterprise Social Media Management Software that manages multiple social profiles to monitor, communicate, and engage customers. Expion manages your online communities to present consistent messaging while fostering local relationships to attract and retain customers. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Expion, Inc. is a privately-held technology company specializing in developing tools and services that enable organizations to engage with the hundreds of millions of users of online communities. Their solutions combine their Social Media Management software with deep customer relationship management knowledge and expert coaching services to help enterprises manage their online communities more effectively. Expion’s easy-to-use software is designed for all levels of an organization. It allows the enterprise a structured yet simple way to manage multiple social profiles with sophisticated multi-phase communication plans. Through their industry expertise, technology platform and integrated approach, Expion provides comprehensive social media management solutions.







Spiral16 provides companies with a complete solution for social media and web analysis, turning accurate data into valuable business intelligence. Their experienced reporting and analysis team tells you where on the web people are talking about you, how people feel about your company, who is the most influential in your universe, and can identify trends that can help your business grow. Assistance with setup and interpreting results is part of the core offering, and a full line of reporting services are also available.  Spiral16 helps you listen, measure, and visualize your brand’s online presence. Go beyond social media monitoring to see the entire web. Their online dashboard can help your business discover trends, identify engagement targets, monitor corporate/brand identity, measure campaign successes, product launches, sentiment, increase brand equity, customer loyalty, and crisis management/customer service. Better data means better decisions.







RĀZ Mobile helps non-profit causes, campaigns, and candidates better engage a new generation of supporters via the power of mobile and social media. The RAZ Mobile marketing platform enables any non-profit organization to create a full-featured, customized mobile website in a matter of minutes; integrate it seamlessly with social media channels; and incorporate secure donation processing from supporters in a matter of seconds via mobile phone anytime, anywhere. RAZ Mobile is a cloud-based solution, immediately rendering the cause’s mobile site on any smartphone platform. Employing industry standard credit card processing technology ensures the maximum speed of donations going directly to RAZ Mobile customers and the utmost in security for the donors. And, since RAZ Mobile enables donors to create a secure PIN to store their credentials, future donations to any cause using RAZ Mobile require just a few taps on their smartphone. RAZ Mobile pricing is structured so that causes can easily afford to experiment with a low cost solution and refine their tactics and strategies as they track results in real time. As non-profit supporters move to the mobile web and engage in social media channels, it’s important for non-profits to evolve along with them and pro-actively engage their supporters where they are most active. RĀZ Mobile makes this engagement and fundraising easy.





ManageFlitter is an easy to use web application that provides a set of tools for the Twitter user to assist them in optimising their Twitter experience.  With ManageFlitter you can easily bulk unfollow “no follow backs”, see who has unfollowed you, search through the bios of the people you are following, remove spam and inactive accounts, and a lot more.  You can use the full featured free version of ManageFlitter or you can sign-up to the Pro+ version which provides you with a set of great extra features and even allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts.  ManageFlitter is used by tens of thousands of people and organisations a day including Fortune 500 brands, social media agencies and Government social media teams.





emfluence is a full-service digital marketing agency and email service provider based in Kansas City. They specialize in designing and developing websites and helping drive traffic to them. From search engine marketing to email marketing to social media, emfluence uses the power of one-to-one digital marketing to drive results and return on investment online. emfluence powers Social: IRL email marketing through the emfluence Marketing Platform, a platform that allows clients to create, deploy and track emails, social media messages and landing pages.