Social: IRL Conference Series

Hosted by Social: IRL principal Ben Smith, hundreds of marketing and PR professionals, agencies, social media managers and strategists, brand representatives, and business owners, have participated in Social: IRL conferences and workshops.

Social: IRL events take some of the most respected names in the industry and go well beyond the typical conference keynote to provide high quality, in-depth, and highly engaged, learning and networking.

We also host niche events for specific industry sectors, and “Behind the Brand” events giving unique behind the scenes insights in to well known businesses and organizations.

Events in the Social: IRL conference series have included:

“Explore and Engage” with Jason Falls and Brian Solis

“Social Business Summit and Strategy Workshop” with Jeremiah Owyang

“Beyond the Keynote” with Brian Solis

“How A Social Business Strategy Can Enable Better Content, Smarter Marketing and Deeper Customer Relationships” with Michael Brito

“The Resilient Summit: Exploring the Rise, Impact and Opportunity of the Collaborative Economy” – With Jeremiah Owyang, David Armano, Mark Hatch

“All Business, No Hype, Social Media” with Jason Falls

“Rethinking Business in the Age of the Social Consumer” with “Conversation Agent” Valeria Maltoni

“Relationships and Brand Building in the Social Media Age” with “Conversation Agent” Valeria Maltoni

“Social Marketing and Public Relations Boot Camp” with Sarah Evans

“No BS Social Media Marketing” with Jason Falls

“Social Media for Regulated Industries” with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

“Social Media for Non-Profit Organizations” (ongoing workshop series)

Behind the Brand – Holy-Field Winery

Behind the Brand – Boulevard Beer

Behind the Brand – University of Kansas Athletics