Kansas City: Tech, Mobile and Social Innovation

Chamber Board Room at Union Station

30 West Pershing Road, Kansas City, MO

Tuesday, September 25, 1:00pm to 5:00pm


Please note: Free registrations have all been filled. If you missed getting a ticket, you can view the live stream at http://socialirl.com/innovatekc/ and join the conversation on Twitter using #InnovateKC.


  • A special event focused on showcasing Kansas City social, mobile and tech innovation that has both a regional and national impact.
  • Features presentations from a series of local thought leaders, innovators and entrepeneurs, representing a diverse cross-section of businesses and organizations.
  • Engaging discussion, valuable networking – empowering attendees to become advocates.

Kansas City is home to many businesses, organizations and individuals who lead from the cutting edge in the social media, mobile and technology space.  From Fortune 500 brands, to innovative startups and entrepreneurs. They don’t follow new trends, they create them.

Much of the innovation taking place in the city has both a regional and national impact. We don’t need to look to the “coasts” for inspiration, we can find it here on our doorstep. Yet often times Kansas City still gets branded with the “cow town” stereotype. The reality is we’re less “cow town” more “tech town.”

While we value history and tradition we need to do a better job at telling our story and advocating for Kansas City. As the city steps in to the spotlight with projects such as Google Fiber, we need to use the opportunity to send a powerful message.

Changing perceptions starts from within.  We have organizations actively advocating for us, but we need to be empowered to advocate on an individual level. And not just advocate, but to passionately boast about the city, about those we network with and do business with.

An issue we identified was that many businesses and individuals haven’t been proactive in telling their stories, in sharing their successes, and in sharing the impact their work has well beyond the boundaries of Kansas City. Sometimes we just need to boast a little!

On July 16, Social: IRL brought together 40 Kansas City thought leaders in social media, mobile and technology. The goal was simple:  attendees were invited to share stories about innovative projects they were working on which had a regional or national impact.

The result: attendees left inspired and informed about many exciting and innovative projects being driven by Kansas City-based businesses, organizations and individuals. In many instances, this was new knowledge, in some cases changing perceptions of businesses they thought they were already familiar with.

Attendees left empowered as advocates, able to share dozens of great stories about the social media, mobile and tech innovation happening in Kansas City, armed with many examples of its impact both regionally and nationally. They may be modest about their own about their own accomplishments, but they left ready to boast about others.

It’s far easier to change outward perceptions, when you start within and empower thought leaders and influencers from your community with knowledge and a renewed sense of excitement.



Sorry, free registrations have been filled.

If you missed getting a ticket, you can view the live stream at http://socialirl.com/innovatekc/ and join the conversation on Twitter using #InnovateKC.


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KCnext – The Technology Council of Greater Kansas City is committed to growing the existing base of technology firms, recruiting and attracting technology companies, aggregating and promoting our regional IT assets and providing peer interaction and industry news. By focusing on key industry priorities, KCnext works to connect, promote and support the KC region’s tech industry. Visit our website to learn more, and connect with us on Twitter.



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The Social Media Club of Kansas City combines a vibrant online community with regular offline events focused on both networking and learning. The group also serves as a driving force supporting digital advocacy and education projects across the Kansas City region.