Pay with Dwolla

When you pay with Dwolla, it’s more convenient than check and avoids typical credit card processing fees. We’re glad to pass those time and fee savings on to you. In fact, we’ll even give you an extra discount when you pay using Dwolla.

Payments made through Dwolla are made as direct ACH payments from your bank account. Unlike typical ACH payments, there are no delays and the fee we pay never exceeds 25 cents.

To pay an invoice using Dwolla, please follow these specific instructions:

1. Enter the amount you are paying in the box below. To calculate that amount simply take the invoice total and deduct 5%.

2. Click the forward arrow to the right of the amount entered .

3. If you do not have an existing Dwolla account, select Check Out As A Guest and follow the instructions. The first time you make a payment there will be a simple email or SMS verification.

That’s it! Once we’ve received the Dwolla payment, we’ll email your receipt.

We’re glad to offer this 5% discount on all payments received via Dwolla.