Relationships and Brand Building in the Social Media Age: Session Descriptions


Keynote Session: Valeria Maltoni

Valeria describes her keynote session as “the conversation we never had about social media and desperately need to have to make sense of what works and what doesn’t. The pre-quel to the tactical implementations that have followed in the last couple of years.”

A few of the points Valeria will cover under the premise that why is more important than how will include:

  • How to use social media to build a better brand vision that creates mutually beneficial relationships and trust with customers
  • Why strong, resilient, and enduring brands have and will always be the goal
  • Why creating motivated, “well armed” brand advocates via social media is infinitely better than trying to recreate mass media through a new venue
  • Examples of business that have succeeded at keeping their brand promise focused
  • How do you increase value by embedding products and services with meaning?

Valeria wrote about her Social: IRL keynote in two recent blog posts: Inhabiting Your Vision and What Can I Do With It?  This is going to be a truly valuable interactive discussion you will not want to miss.


Social Business Success Strategies

The social floodgates have opened and organizations are quickly learning that social media isn’t a trend, but a mainstay for communicating with and engaging audiences for broader business purposes.  Not only are companies realizing the business value of social media, but they are embracing social channels outside of a marketing goal to further drive corporate objectives around customer service, lead generation and brand awareness.  Learn how to get started achieving your business objectives using social media and get advice on what content and strategies really work.


Who Owns You? Content in an Interactive World

Businesses and individuals alike are utilizing social media to develop their “brand” and connect with others. Today, almost everyone has a book, blog, podcast or video format which spews content (and also generates content from 3rd parties). And every day, it seems, new online tools, platforms and advances introduce new opportunities to build your virtual footprint. But while they say that possession is 9/10 of the law, that may not be correct in the social media world. The answer to who “owns” content and community is not clear cut and the law in this area is not well developed. Users often overlook the legal ramifications that could arise. Armstrong Teasdale social media attorneys will discuss the legal aspects of content and contacts, including non-compete and fiduciary duties. Tying the presentation to the most active social media platforms, they will show you how to make sure you know who owns your work and community, and how to avoid potential legal problems.


Social CRM Workshop

Award winning brand engagement agency 4ORCE will discuss how agencies and clients need to intensify customer bonds through social CRM. Case studies and a lively Q&A will examine how brands can expand and deepen such relationships through the marriage of technology and compelling content.


Brand Panel Discussion

Representatives from leading national and regional brands will each give a short presentation sharing their “social media story.” They will share insights in to how social media has evolved within their organization, some of the challenges and opportunities they have identified, time and resources required, and results they are seeing. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A discussion with attendees. A great opportunity to learn from those “in the trenches” on a daily basis.