Amplifying a message to an exponentially larger audience

Just how effective can social media be at amplifying a message?

The 2012 South by Southwest Interactive festival offers another great example of how, with the right message and audience buy-in, a relatively small group can leverage social media channels to amplify that message to an exponentially larger audience.

Our friends at Spredfast (a Social: IRL sponsor) had the honor of serving as the official social media management system for SXSWi.  They created the infographic you’ll see below, “Small Flock, Big Social Reach.”

The infographic highlights how in the first two days of SXSWi, 100,682 users generated a total of 224,302 event related Tweets, that reached a potential audience of some 341,723,790 users on Twitter.

To put it in perspective: A group of just over 100,000 users potentially reached some 65% of all Twitter users. To get the same number of impressions via Google AdSense that SXSWi got via Twitter would cost an estimated $2.5 million.

The infographic also provides interesting insights on exactly who was tweeting about SXSWi, and where from. You can read more about that and the implications of what’s revealed by visiting the Spredfast blog.


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