Announcing the Resilient Summit: Exploring the Collaborative Economy as the Next Phase of Social Business

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 12.45.37 PMIn the first phase of social, we shared media. With the growth of social and mobile and affordability and accessibility of technology such as 3D printing, we are moving in to the next phase of social where people don’t just share media – they share goods, services, money, space and resources. The crowd is starting to become like a company: self-financing, self-designing products, self-manufcaturing, self-selling to each other – bypassing inefficient corporations in the process.

Corporations must use these same tools and strategies to maintain relevancy.  Just like we did in social business, to match customers launching blogs, video, and social networking accounts, we saw corporations apply the same strategies to engage in the same channels.  Taking a cue from the first phase of sharing, we’re already seeing over 60 corporations that have moved into the collaborative economy. Significant new mindsets and business investments will be required to satisfy this market change.

For companies that do this, they achieve Resiliency:  They’re agile, innovative, connected, empowering others, built to last, and profitable.

In April 2011, attendees from both coasts and 11 states converged in Kansas City for the Social Business Summit hosted by Social: IRL and Jeremiah Owyang. Join Social: IRL and Jeremiah Owyang once again as we reconvene in February 2014, to evolve the conversation to the next phase of social business with the inaugural Resilient Summit.

Hosted in the heart of the nation in Kansas City, we’ll be joined by a diverse group of national brands and the agencies that work with them, regional and local businesses, startups, cities and individuals, plus leaders from the maker and sharing movements. Together we will explore our role in the new collaborative economy and will ask and answer the question: what role to companies play if people get what they need from each other?

Learn more about the event and secure your registration now, by visiting the event website.


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