Appinions: An opinions-powered platform that makes it easy to identify, analyze, monitor and engage with influencers

As brands focus on building relationships with stakeholders and share content about what they are doing, their ability to discover and enter into targeted conversations with influencers is becoming increasingly important.

As part of this process, an important issue is getting a clear handle on both how many and how loudly these influencers are talking about your brand, products or services, your industry sector, and the competition.

Being able to benchmark this activity and measure it over time can help brands determine the success of their communications, marketing and sales activities, and provide the insight and intelligence to quickly make strategic and tactical changes.

With this in mind, we are excited to welcome Appinions as a new Social: IRL sponsor for 2012.

Appinions is an opinions-powered platform that makes it easy to identify, analyze, monitor and engage with influencers. Not only that, but Appinions enables researchers and publishers to automatically mine, analyze, and summarize opinion to gain insight into what people and organizations are saying, thinking and feeling.

Based on a decade of research at Cornell University, the platform features an extensive database that includes millions of opinions extracted from blogs, Twitter, Facebook, forums, newspaper and magazine articles, and radio and television transcripts.

The platform not only focuses on the influencers creating content but the influencers attracting the most attention. This lets Appinions provide a unique and unmatched view of the influencer landscape.

Services include the Appinions Influencer Exchange that lets public relations agencies and brands quickly and effectively discover influencers based on any topic, brand, issue or person, and the Influencer Gap that helps brands perform topic based analysis in order to effectively establish relationships and engage with these key influencers.

Appinions also meet the needs of online publishers by leveraging the power of opinions and influencers so they can provide readers with more relevant and interesting content that can be sourced from across the Web or specific sources.

We’re excited to see how Appinions are redefining the way we identify and engage with influencers, and the powerful opportunity this presents for brands, agencies and publishers. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook, and check out the Appinions blog for regular posts offering great insights on the ever evolving influencer landscape.

You can also learn more by watching this short video, and will be able to connect with Appinions in-person at our upcoming event in Kansas City “Rethinking Business in the Age of the Social Consumer.”

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