Extend the life of your Tweets with Twylah or Timekiwi

Great content can be shared in 140 characters, but can soon disappear in the Twitter timeline.

Two tools we recommend for extending the life of your Tweets and adding value to your brand: Twylah and Timekiwi.

Both tools aggregate your tweets into a single page that you can attach to your website or otherwise promote as home of your latest social media content. Apart from extending the life of your tweets, the content is also presented in a clean and easy to read format that is accessible to non-Twitter users as well as your regular followers.

Twylah presents your latest tweets in a single landing page. Your tweets are sorted and grouped by subject matter, and links are extracted to highlight the content you’re sharing, not simply the tweet itself. Twlyah also provides a Twitter client giving you the option of sharing content direct through the application. In that case, click thrus take users to your Twylah landing page to view the content, along with other similar content you have previously shared. The service is free for personal or business users.

Rather than a landing page format, Timekiwi aggregates your Tweets in to a timeline. With Timekiwi you can also incorporate Tumblr, Posterous, WordPress, and Instagram into a single timeline. Links are not extracted but photos are, and it’s photos that really add visual impact to the timeline. The timeline is easy to scroll through and can be displayed in either a vertical or horizontal format. Timewiki is free for personal use. Business plans are $5 per month or $50 per year.

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