Gentlemint. A Pinterest for men. “Manly men”

Like the concept of Pinterest, but prefer more “manly” content? Gentlemint might be the site for you.

Just launched in beta, Gentlemint is a website that evolved from a personal challenge set by two Lawrence, Kansas, web designers Glen Stansberry and Brian Mckinney. Feeling burned out after another project they had worked on together, they set themselves a challenge to build a new website in just 12 hours. They wanted to create something that not only challenged them technically but that they could also have fun with. 12 intense hours later Gentlemint was live.

What started as a personal challenge has grown quickly in to a website  featured by the likes of Mashable, Time, and The Daily Dot, with a rapid growth in both traffic and registrations.

Social: IRL spent time with Glen Stansberry and Brian McKinney to learn more about Gentlemint and had a great time chatting about the original design and concept, how the site was built as an open source project using Django, the obvious comparisons to Pinterest, and future plans for the site. Check out the video of our conversation below.

Want a beta invitation for the site? No need to wait. We have a limited number of beta invitations we can share for immediate access. Just Tweet us @socialirl or send us a message here.



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