Live Hangout with Socialized Author, Mark Fidelman

Earlier today, Socialized! author and Forbes columnist, Mark Fidelman. joined Social: IRL’s Ben Smith as the first guest in a new series of “on air” conversations featuring leaders and innovators in the social business space.  Upcoming guests will include Frank Eliason, Michael Brito, and Jay Baer, with the conversations being co-hosted by Expion VP of Strategy, Zena Weist.

Video of this morning’s conversation is embedded below.  An audio only podcast is also available via SoundCloud or iTunes.

Mark covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Understanding the difference between social media and social business.
  • Why the journey to becoming a social business must start with internal process.
  • Empowering employees.
  • Working with the C-Suite.
  • Overcoming hurdles on the path to becoming a social business.
  • Crisis response and recent social media brandjackings.
  • Influencers vs. brand advocates.
  • Creating a “digital village” of empowered advocates.
  • The meaning of “Smart Social”
  • Opportunities and trends for 2013.


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