Join Brian Solis and 500 of the top media minds in the business at the Pivot Conference

October 15-16, Social: IRL Principal Ben Smith will be joining Brian Solis in New York for the 2012 Pivot Conference, an event Brian both produces and hosts.  Ben is attending and supporting the event as a Pivot Ambassador, and because of that we are able to share a VIP discount code to save 20% off event registrations. The discount can be used in addition to the special early registration rate currently being offered, to represent a significant savings’ opportunity.  We strongly encourage you to join us at this event which offers learning and networking of the very highest caliber. Register using discount code VIP20 for the 20% discount to be applied.

From Engage! to The End of Business as Usual, the Social Compass to the  Conversation Prism, a website ranked among the world’s leading business and marketing online resources, and most recently his first official Altimeter Group report, The Rise of Digital Influence, Brian Solis  is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders and published authors in new media.

In Social: IRL’s own conference series, Explore and Engage with Brian Solis and Jason Falls remains among our most highly talked about events, generating thousands of Tweets and dozens of blog posts.

In October, 500 of the top media minds in the business—marketing leaders who recognize the game-changing power of the plugged-in social consumer—will join Brian Solis in New York to attend the 2012 Pivot Conference.

As Pivot’s editorial director, producer and host, Brian takes great pride in creating a content framework and speaker agenda of the very highest caliber.

With the focus “From Social Brands to Social Business,” attendees will discover the blueprint for a Social Construct that will transform their business, earn a significant competitive advantage, and improve customer relationships in the process. Attendees will:

  • Meet the architects who are developing Social businesses and the agencies and industry experts who are helping them define new models for consumer engagement.
  • Hear about common hurdles, how they broke through, how they secured buy-in, and how they started to bring together lines of business and functions that did not previously talk to one another.
  • Engage with the most creative minds helping Social businesses connect with connected customers to influence behavior and outcomes.
  • Get inside the mind of the connected customer to learn how to influence decisions and become a trusted resource.
  • Convert activities and conversations into actionable insights that guide the creation of relevant product and services and inspire creative campaigns.
  • Measure the opportunities inherent in emerging and disruptive technologies to improve internal collaboration and customer engagement.
  • Define the customer journey pre-, during, and post-commerce to reinforce value, cultivate loyalty and foster advocacy.
  • Learn how Social businesses are not only improving stakeholder engagement, but how marketing, sales, service, product development et al, are adapting, improving efficiencies, and achieving business objectives through new methodologies.
  • Learn from the most effective strategies to successfully start the transformation.

Pivot also offers an exclusive opportunity to network and connect with the top social marketing minds in the business. By limiting attendance to 500 top marketing leaders, Pivot 2012 provides an elite opportunity to compare notes, share ideas and connect at the highest level.

Learn more at the Pivot website, where you’ll also have access to valuable research, case studies and infographics. For the latest updates you can also follow Pivot on Twitter.

We’re excited to be attending this very special event and to be able to share the VIP20 discount code. See you in New York!

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