A Conversation with Frank Eliason: Delivering Value and Creating Remarkable Customer Experiences

Smart Social SmallFrank Eliason is Senior Vice President of Social Media at Citibank, and author of @YourService.

Frank became renowned for his pioneering work at Comcast in bringing customer service to the social web under the @ComcastCares Twitter handle. This work has been recognized by many news organizations, including ABC News, New York Times, and Business Week.

Frank recently joined Social: IRL Principal Ben Smith, and Expion VP of Strategy, Zena Weist, for Smart Social, an ongoing series of conversations with leaders and innovators in social business.

Parts one and two of the conversation were shared in an earlier post, with valuable insights from Frank on the @ComcastCares  backstory and birth of social customer service.

Parts three and four of the conversation are embedded below.

Audio podcasts are also available via SoundCloud and iTunes.

In part three of this interview via Google Hangout, Frank expands on his recent post Are We, Social Media Professionals, Destroying Social Media. In particular, Frank discusses real-time marketing trends and the need for brands to be part of the social media community in ways that deliver value and not detract from user experience. .


In concluding the  interview, Frank answers the question “what does smart social mean to me” with some valuable advice for brands: If you want to win in social, concentrate less on social itself, and more on creating remarkable customer experiences.


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