Social Customer Service – The Next Competitive Battleground

Today’s connected and empowered consumer expects more from from companies. Customer service is no longer just about how fast a business responds to a customer, but how well.

  • 17% of customers will leave a business after  a single customer service blunder. 40% will leave after a second mistake, and 27% after a third issue. That’s some 85% of business that stands to be lost due to customer service issues.
  • 59% of customers will switch brands to get better customer service.
  • 73% of customers have spent more with a brand with a history of good customer service.

The connected consumer is a social consumer. Both good and bad experiences are shared across online networks. Customers are reaching out to businesses via social media as an increasingly preferred customer service channel.

To effectively compete, businesses need to realign their technologies and their cultures around the customer. Companies that fail to do so will not only shed marketshare, but place the survival of their business at risk.

These, and other valuable insights on the changing face of customer service, are included in this infographic recently released by Bluewolf.


Source: Bluewolf. View in full size on Bluewolf’s website.

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