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Top TenWe’re pleased to share our latest “Top Ten” social media links and resources.

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Top Ten Links:

1. Digital Trends Impacting the PR Industry in 2013 – Metrics, mobile, data mining, socialized customer service, and more. Valuable insights from Citi’s Frank Eliason.  READ MORE

2. The Oreo Superbowl Tweet: Why it Worked – We’re all very familiar with the Twitter success Oreo had during the Superbowl.  In this post, “The Brand Builder” Olivier Blanchard discusses four interwoven reasons that made the success possible – velocity, relevance, wit and execution.  READ MORE

3. Forget About Social Media for a Moment. What’s Your Mobile Strategy? – Who on your team is thinking about designing mobile experiences? How is mobile tied to the overall digital strategy? How is social and mobile complementing your web strategy? More importantly, how are people connecting or attempting to connect with you and how would they define the experience? Brian Solis poses important questions on whether your web & mobile strategies meet the needs & expectations of your connected customers.  READ MORE

4. How to Post Instagram Photos to a Facebook Page – If you’re a Page Administrator, sharing Instagram photos to your Facebook Page rather than your personal profile is easy, but an often overlooked feature. This quick tip shows you how to set Instagram to share with any of your Pages.  READ MORE

BONUS: Pinterest Quick Tip – Instantly discover everything pinned from your site.  READ MORE

5. The Social Business Textbook: A Valuable New Resource for Social Communications Professionals – While social continues to grow and change, there are foundational concepts and best practices that all social practitioners should know and understand. Spredfast created this comprehensive 45 page textbook to be a resource that helps bring members of growing social teams up to speed and serves as the go-to primer on the main elements of social programs for those already in the industry. In addition to providing a strategic discussion of each social topic, they include models to visualize each concept, action items to make concepts practicable, and brand examples to show each element in action.  READ MORE

6. What is Your 2013 Content Marketing Strategy? – Edelman’s Michael Brito discusses “The Creative Newsroom” and why your content marketing strategy should help evolve your brand into thinking more like a media company.  READ MORE

7. Social Media’s Impact on the Food Industry – It’s hard to imagine an area of human experience more innately social than food. We choose food collectively, eat it collectively, and then talk about it obsessively. During the month of February, Pivot Conference are exploring the impact of social media on the food industry, with key brands such as Coca Cola, Tropicana, and McDonalds sharing their views on how social has impacted their customer outreach, product development, even how they operate their businesses.  READ MORE

8. Ten Qualities of an Effective Community Manager – Being a quality community manager goes beyond having the knowledge and background to use social networks. Here are 10 qualities an effective community manager should possess, according to professionals who work within social media and community today.  READ MORE

Bonus: A Collection of Community Management Advice – Marketwire and The Community Manager asked community managers about what they do, how they do it, and where they see the future of community management going. They received more than 600 responses and compiled the top thoughts, tips and advice into this eBook.  READ MORE

9. Find Your Marketing North Star With Social Media Monitoring – Marketers are continually challenged with finding ways to measure their social media programs and digital marketing campaigns. A key challenge – business metrics are financial, while web metrics are NOT. The trick is to correlate the two in a meaningful way.  READ MORE

10. Social Business and Strategy Insights from Altimeter Group’s Charlene Li and Brian Solis (Video interviews)

Full video of the interview Social: IRL conducted with Altimeter Group analyst and Engage! and The End of Business as Usual author, Brian Solis, during the January SMCKC breakfast. In its entirety, the conversation runs for close to an hour, during which time Brian shares many valuable social business insights, as well as more personal insights and backstory.  VIEW VIDEO

Interview with Altimeter Group founder and Open Leadership and Groundswell author, Charlene Li, during the recent #Expion13 Social Business Summit. Charlene shares valuable social business insights and discusses social media strategy vs. tactics, the importance of listening as a foundation for social activity, and ROI vs. business impacts.  VIEW VIDEO

Bonus “Smart Social” Insights from #Expion13 – Visit Expion’s blog for a copy of Charlene’s presentation and insights from many other speakers and attendees.  READ MORE

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