Top Ten Social Media Links and Resources

Top TenWe’re pleased to share our latest “Top Ten” social media links and resources.

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Top Ten Links:

1. Updated User Demographics for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram – Key user demographics from recently released Pew research. READ MORE

2. How Nonprofits Should Be Using Content to Emphasize Donor Impact –  Practical suggestions for tapping in to the power of digital storytelling to nurture and grow donor relationships.  READ MORE

3. Marketing in the Moment – Full video of Expion’s SXSW real-time marketing panel featuring the brand and agency team behind Oreo’s social media success, including the now famous Superbowl tweets. READ MORE

4. The Evolution of Social Business: Six Stages of Social Business Transformation – In this new Altimeter Group report, Charlene Li and Brian Solis identify the most important criteria for a successful social business strategy and discuss six distinct stages of social business maturity, each with unique risks and opportunities. READ MORE

5. Building Brand Relevance by Rethinking the Content Creation Process – 360i discuss how brands can rethink their content creation process to be better, faster, more relevant cultural conversationalists.  READ MORE

6. Good News Beats Bad on Social Networks – Bad news sells…. But according to this new research the rules change on social networks. Where news spreads via personal networks not mass media, good news tends to spread both faster and farther. READ MORE

7. Five Steps to Leading the Social Pack  – Spredfast share insights from a private roundtable they hosted in the midst of SXSW, bringing together social leaders from Altimeter Group, AT&T, LinkedIn, REI, Spredfast and Whole Foods, for a more intimate discussion on themes and focus areas for the “fittest” social brands.   READ MORE

8. Are We, Social Media Professionals, Destroying Social Media? – Citibank SVP of Social Media, Frank Eliason, discusses the challenge faced by brands in being part of a social media community and participating in a way that doesn’t interfere with or detract from individual user experience.  READ MORE

Bonus: Social: IRL interviews Frank Eliason – In this latest interview in the Smart Social series, Frank shares the backstory of how @ComcastCares came about and social customer service was born, and goes on to discuss human connections vs. brand messaging in the social space. Video interview with audio podcast available through SoundCloud and iTunes.  READ MORE

9. Big Data Insights –  Big data allows companies to identify trends, target customers more efficiently, run predictive analysis, and grasp big concepts and insight just waiting to be discovered. According to new research highlighted in the Spiral16 blog, companies are taking more advantage than ever of the opportunities that analyzing big data provides them to grow their businesses, with marketing, sales and customer service ranking as the top three areas driving demand.  READ MORE

Bonus: Pivot Conference “Big Data Month” -Describing big data as “the new oil for a social era,” Pivot has set aside a full month to discuss and explore all things big data related, with valuable new content being added to their blog throughout the month.  READ MORE

10. Why “More” Might Not Always Be “Better” In Brand Advocacy – We tend to assume that moving as many people as possible toward advocacy is always best. But it is possible there are markets or categories where it isn’t even feasible to move people along a path of enthusiasm or advocacy. One way to assess the potential is by examining a simple but powerful social influence on a person’s enthusiasm toward a brand that no amount of marketing or persuasion can sway. That influence is a person’s self-identity, and unfortunately its role is rarely considered when developing strategy.  READ MORE

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Links include content identified as being from our sponsors Spredfast, Expion, and Spiral16. We are grateful to these sponsors for their support and enjoy sharing content and webinar opportunities they provide which we consider to be valuable to the Social: IRL community.

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