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Top TenWe’re pleased to share our latest “Top Ten” social media links and resources.

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Top Ten Links:.

1. The Truth About Kids and Social Media – According to a recent study, 78% of parents helped create their children’s Facebook pages, and 7.5 million users are under the age of 13. The way our kids use social today will shape their future. It’s time for everyone to get educated on how – and how not – to live online.  READ MORE

2. The Power of a Six Second Vine –  How UK nonprofit Kids Company used Vine to send a powerful message in their mission to stop child neglect.  READ MORE.  How Lowes use Vine to share valuable home improvement tips.  READ MORE

3. Building a Responsive Content Marketing Model – Edelman’s David Armano on the move from linear to responsive marketing, and the need for an agile & adaptive marketing mindset. READ MORE

4. Using Social Media for Improved Parent Communication and Enriched Student Learning – Social: IRL interviews Eudora Kansas School District, who overcame concerns about the risks of introducing social media in schools and developed a highly successful social media program. READ MORE

5. Marketing Your Brand on Google Plus – The latest addition to Spredfast’s excellent (and free) on-demand webinar series features Jamie Herther from Google Plus and Desair Brown from USA Today. The series of webinars features many leaders from the social business space and covers important issues such as social brand engagement, social content, and effective process for social business.  READ MORE

6. Change Agents:  How Senior Marketers are Approaching the Shifting Consumer Landscape – A week-long series of videos from 360i addressing issues such as the role of brand today, social, mobile, disruption, and innovation. Valuable insights from top brands and senior marketers. READ MORE

7. The Next Phase of Social Business: The Collaborative Economy  – The collaborative economy is on the rise and the disruptive impacts to brands are high. Driven by social and economic factors, and empowered by social media and technology, consumers can now buy and trade among themselves, often without purchasing directly from the brands. Corporations who don’t pay attention to this trend are leaving themselves in a state of risk as technology and society continue to quickly innovate. Altimeter Group’s Jeremiah Owyang is at the forefront of those exploring this key trend. We highly recommend his ongoing posts and research on the subject. READ MORE

8. The Power of Microcontent and Marketing in the Moment –  Three key takeaways from a recent Internet Week NYC panel featuring the VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement for Mondelez International (Oreo), President of leading digital agency 360i, and Chief Innovation Officer for social software company Expion.  READ MORE

9. Social Media Doesn’t Create a Crisis – Companies Do –  Type the term “social media crisis” into Google, you’ll receive about 1.7 million results, including dozens of high profile examples of a social media crisis, where a business has come under heavy fire online on their own social channels, as well as blog posts and social updates elsewhere. But while it’s true that social media amplifies a crisis when it happens, it doesn’t actually create the crisis – the company does. READ MORE

10. Why More Social Data Isn’t Always Better – Spiral16 offer a valuable reminder that more data is never a substitute for relevant data. Often times a smaller, more focused data set offers the best opportunity for takeaways and future planning.  READ MORE

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