Essential reading for the latest trends in media, technology & creativity

Each year interactive agency Razorfish publish their Outlook Report – a detailed analysis of the latest trends in media, technology and creativity.

Volume 10 of the Outlook Report has just been released and is available as a free download.

Content includes:

Razorfish Outlook Report Volume 10 - Click for Download

Forget Mobile — Think Multiscreen.

A Wake-Up Call for Collaboration.

It’s Time for Big Data to Improve Customer Experience.

Humanity Check — What Consumers Really Think About Tech.

How the Social Cloud Can Accelerate Brand Interaction.

Beyond the Banner — Unleashing the Power of Digital to Drive Topline Growth.

The Rules of Gamification.

It’s Not Enough to Be Liked — Getting Serious About Social.

Controlling the Retail Environment Through Digital Brand Immersion.

Performance Marketing Must Die.

Limited Time to Prepare for Unlimited Potential of Mobile.

How the Open API Movement Can Help Your Brand.

Organizing for Digital Success.

This detailed report always makes for essential reading.  Download your copy here.

To quote from the report’s introduction:

In today’s world, social tools that started as communications and marketing tools have become conduits for revolution. Cloud-based services have finally emerged as viable methods for increasing collaboration and driving greater efficiency. And the investment world increasingly looks to start-ups to once again push the global economy forward.

This means digital is now a lot bigger than agencies. In fact, it’s bigger than marketing. It’s increasingly woven into the fabric of our business and consumer culture. This inspires us more than ever not only to optimize the status quo, but also to ignite a business movement of sorts.