Explore and Engage takes place in Denver June 14 – A look at who’s participating:

Explore and Engage offers a rare opportunity for those in public relations, marketing, communications, or anyone using the social web to engage customers or community, to learn direct from two of the most respected social and new media professionals in the nation: Jason Falls and Brian Solis.

The unique workshop like environment and limited registrations give attendees the opportunity to well beyond the typical conference and experience a day of interactive learning.

It also gives attendees a chance to connect. Not just with our speakers, but with each other.

We encourage networking between attendees both online and offline, to stay connected and keep learning well after Explore and Engage has ended.

The quality of attendees at Social: IRL events has been a key to their success. We’re looking forward to connecting with another great group in Denver. So far, participants include:

  • mBlast
  • Spiral16
  • Philosophy Communications
  • Pure Brand Communications
  • Expion
  • Sevans Strategy
  • Qwest / CenturyLink
  • The Gazette
  • The Denver Post
  • Examiner.com
  • Faction Media
  • InTouch Public Relations
  • Johnston Wells Public Relations
  • Hip Chameleon
  • Linhart PR
  • 20/20 Strategy
  • Bagnulo Communications
  • PRSA Colorado
  • Kris Schindler APR
  • Exempla Healthcare
  • TiE Rockies
  • NavPress
  • Blue Marble Enterprises
  • Freedom Communications
  • Swenson Communications
  • Millennium Marketing
  • Cutter Communications
  • Focus on the Family
  • Yelp Denver
  • Rosalba Consulting LLC
  • Biblica
  • Cohn Marketing
  • Stefanie Jones Public Relations
  • FourthSegment
  • Admired Marketing
  • Aegean Communications
  • PR Newswire
  • The North Highland Company
  • Webb PR
  • ServiceMagic
  • Clear Path Writer
  • SJPR Inc
  • SAIC
  • Keeton PR
  • Denver Business Journal
  • Hands-On Labs Inc.
  • Plug & Play Colorado
  • SwagLove
  • Life Quality Institute
  • M Squared PR & Marketing
  • LCI
  • SnapEngage

This list only includes registrations that opted to be part of the public attendee list. Some of the businesses registered multiple attendees.

There’s still time to be part of Explore and Engage and connect with this great group of attendees. Registration is still open, but will close at noon on Monday, June 13.

See you in Denver!

Explore and Engage: Links and resources

We’re pleased to share some of the content posted by attendees following our Explore and Engage event in Wichita KS:

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Spiral16 notes on Brian Solis Presentation

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Wichita Business Journal story on Brian Solis

Wichita Business Journal story on Jason Falls

“Social Media as a Continuum” blog by Lynn Wolf

Lynn Wolf YouTube Videos: Brian Solis  Jason Falls

Chirpstory compilation of #EEICT tweets (does not included any of the post event tweets)

Facebook Event

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Explore and Engage: A Quick recap

Thank you to the 120 attendees at Wednesday’s Explore and Engage with Jason Falls and  Brian Solis.

As with all Social: IRL events, the goal was for a hands-on event, lots of practical experience and learning, and for you to leave with new ideas and tools you could implement in a very real way. From reading your feedback on Twitter I feel confident we achieved that goal. Thank you for all the great comments. If you have any suggestions for future events I would welcome your feedback.

Thanks to each of the sponsors: Start-Thinking, Cox Communications, Klout, Spiral16, mBLAST, Wichita Area Technical College, Mashable, AAF Wichita and Wichita AMA.

A special thanks to Kris Schindler and the team from Start-Thinking who not only helped create and host Explore and Engage but put in a tremendous amount of behind the scenes work and helped everything run smoothly on the day. Also a special thanks to the team at Wichita Area Technical College. What a fantastic venue! I hope we’ll be back with another event.

It was great to see such a high level of engagement from those attending the event, even from those not present but following along on Twitter. The conversation had been pretty strong for some weeks, prompting this tweet from Jason Falls more than two weeks prior to the event.  But things really took off the day of the event and continued through the next day as attendees kept the conversation very much alive.

In just those two days alone we tracked some 1,446 tweets with the #EEICT event hashtag.

Thanks Brian and Jason. The ideas, thoughts and knowledge shared by the two of you was not just inspiring but was also presented in a very real context that gave great value to our attendees.  Looking forward to our next Explore and Engage event.

Next up is the Social: IRL Social Marketing Boot Camp with Sarah Evans. Join us for that event February 8 in Springfield MO.

In just a short while I’ll be posting links to Jason’s presentation and to blogs, videos, photo galleries, and other content shared by event attendees.  If you attended the event and have posted any content online, please send me the link and I’ll get it added.  I’ll also be posting my own photo gallery and some video highlights soon.

Thanks again for being part of Explore and Engage.

Congratulations Sarah and Becki…

Social: IRL recently offered the opportunity for two individuals to receive complimentary registrations to Explore and Engage with Jason Falls and Brian Solis, taking place in Wichita KS on January 19.

Applications were carefully considered and we are pleased to announce Sarah K. Scoular and Becki Carl Stutz as recipients of these special registrations.

Their respective submissions are included below.

Congratulations Sarah and Becki, we’re glad you’ll be joining us at Explore and Engage and are excited to see how you apply what you learn.


Sarah K. Scoular

As I was recently informed my job position will be eliminated in the upcoming months, I’ve found myself at an unexpected crossroads. Working for Sunflower Broadband for the past 8 years has allowed me to not only grow as a person and a leader but it also opened my eyes to the power of Social Media.

In early 2009 I was given the opportunity to represent our brand online. With the help of my team and the guidance of the World Company Social Media team we created a powerful portal to support our customers. Over the past 2 years, that portal has become the most influential link to our brand. Our engagement in social media has made our most vocal detractors our most vocal advocates. Having personally answered and resolved our customer’s issues at all hours of the day, all days of the week, I’ve become inextricably linked and emotionally attached to our followers. I thrive on the rush I get from shaping people’s opinions about our brand. I’ve been employed in some form of customer service for the past 15 years but through Social Media I have found my true passion.

When I envision the perfect job for myself it is managing a Digital Care Team who assists customers through digital interactions such as email, chat and all forms of social media. By combining the skills I’ve acquired through practice, self-education, attending events like Free State Social and Social Marketing Bootcamp with the information I will take from Explore and Engage, I believe I will be an invaluable asset to any team I join.  From Explore and Engage I hope to gain skills necessary to translate my practical knowledge of social media into a tangible strategy I can present to potential employers. Also, adding Brian Solis and Jason Falls to the already stellar list of experts I’ve connected with (Ben Smith, Chris Brogan, Jeremiah Owyang, Sarah Evans, etc) can only improve my chances of finding a job in this field


Becki Carl Stutz

Health care may be one of the country’s leading industries in terms of size and scope, but it has been one of the slowest industries to embrace advances in technology, including establishing a presence in the arena of social media. According to Ed Bennett’s blog, Found in Cache, of the nearly 5,000 hospitals in the United States, there are currently only 890 hospitals that are using some form of social media.

There has been a significant shift in how consumers are obtaining their health information and social media is becoming a primary tool for people to consume content and research information.  With this growth in social media, health care organizations need to capitalize on these outlets.  Social networking can be a powerful way to get a hospital’s message out to the public.  It allows for a hospital to connect with customers, communicate with their employees, manage and protect a brand, and promote your organization to new employees or patients. Social Media is a technology; it is a tool. Its uses are only limited by our creativity and imagination.

I would like to be selected to attend the Explore & Engage event because as someone who is finishing my Masters Degree in Health Services Administration, I see how social media will influence and change the practice of medicine and I want to be prepared to meet those changes.  Health care is largely about relationships, and those of us involved in this industry need to be aware of how emerging technologies like social and digital media are giving patients, doctors and nurses new ways of communicating and collaborating.

Additionally, through my personal uses of social networking, I see how implementing those practices in my current role as a Volunteer Coordinator in a hospital can be utilized to recruit and retain volunteers.  On a national level, very few hospitals are using social media to engage potential volunteers.  I want to develop a strategic plan that will harness the potential of social networking in not only reaching new volunteers but to keep our current volunteers more connected to our organization.

I am relatively new to the world of social media.  While I have been a member of Facebook for several years, I have only just started expanding my horizons this past year by joining Twitter and Foursquare.  I have found my involvement in these platforms to be of great benefit not only personally, but professionally as well.  I feel the information that I would learn from the Explore & Engage event will build on the limited knowledge I have and will help me to develop new ways that I can support vision of the organization for which I work.

Excitement building for Explore and Engage

It’s been great to see excitement building for Explore and Engage with Jason Falls and Brian Solis, taking place in Wichita KS, on January 19.

Attendees will be traveling to Wichita from as far away as Alabama and British Columbia.

Buzz has been building on Twitter, prompting this tweet from Jason Falls:

Explore and Engage is not just a unique opportunity to learn from two of the nation’s leading experts in an intimate workshop setting, but is going to be a valuable opportunity to network with and learn from other attendees who are clearly excited about taking their presence on the social web to a whole new level.

There’s still time to register and be part of this special experience, but spaces are limited so you’ll need to act soon!

Social: IRL sponsoring four attendees for Brian Solis, Jason Falls and Sarah Evans events

Social: IRL is pleased to offer this special opportunity for four carefully selected individuals to receive complimentary registrations for upcoming events with leading social and new media experts Brian Solis, Jason Falls and Sarah Evans.

Two individuals will be selected to attend the Explore and Engage event with Jason Falls and Brian Solis in Wichita KS on January 19.

Two individuals will be selected to attend the Social Marketing Boot Camp with Sarah Evans in Springfield MO on February 8.

The opportunity is open to those who are self employed, represent a small business or non-profit organization, are a student, or are currently seeking employment.

The four attendees who are selected will be announced January 3.

To apply for one of the four complimentary registrations, you should describe in 500 words or less what you hope to learn from either Jason and Brian at the Explore and Engage event, or from Sarah at the Social Marketing Boot Camp, and explain how you feel you will be able to use social media to make a positive impact for yourself, your community, or the small business or non-profit organization you represent.

 Use our online contact form to submit entries.  Make sure to include full name, email, contact phone number, and Twitter user name (if applicable).

Why not get friends and family to support your entry by tweeting about it. Make sure to include hashtags so we can track the conversations. For the Wichita event use hashtag #EEICT. For Springfield use hashtag #SocialIRL.

Entries must be received by December 31, 2010. Individuals receiving the complimentary registrations will be announced January 3, 2011. Each individual will receive a complimentary event registration valued at $225. They will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements and expenses.