“Social Giving” – The integral role of social media in fundraising and donations

To outline the growing popularity of social giving, MDG Advertising developed an in-depth infographic that covers the gifts, groups, and givers engaged in digital donations. From the most popular platforms and profitable tactics, to the growth of online movements and the rise of the crowdfunding culture, check out the following infographic to see how social giving is really paying off.

2012: It Was a Very Good Year for Social Giving [Infographic by MDG Advertising]

Infographicby MDG Advertising

Social Customer Service – The Next Competitive Battleground

Today’s connected and empowered consumer expects more from from companies. Customer service is no longer just about how fast a business responds to a customer, but how well.

  • 17% of customers will leave a business after  a single customer service blunder. 40% will leave after a second mistake, and 27% after a third issue. That’s some 85% of business that stands to be lost due to customer service issues.
  • 59% of customers will switch brands to get better customer service.
  • 73% of customers have spent more with a brand with a history of good customer service.

The connected consumer is a social consumer. Both good and bad experiences are shared across online networks. Customers are reaching out to businesses via social media as an increasingly preferred customer service channel.

To effectively compete, businesses need to realign their technologies and their cultures around the customer. Companies that fail to do so will not only shed marketshare, but place the survival of their business at risk.

These, and other valuable insights on the changing face of customer service, are included in this infographic recently released by Bluewolf.


Source: Bluewolf. View in full size on Bluewolf’s website.

Amplifying a message to an exponentially larger audience

Just how effective can social media be at amplifying a message?

The 2012 South by Southwest Interactive festival offers another great example of how, with the right message and audience buy-in, a relatively small group can leverage social media channels to amplify that message to an exponentially larger audience.

Our friends at Spredfast (a Social: IRL sponsor) had the honor of serving as the official social media management system for SXSWi.  They created the infographic you’ll see below, “Small Flock, Big Social Reach.”

The infographic highlights how in the first two days of SXSWi, 100,682 users generated a total of 224,302 event related Tweets, that reached a potential audience of some 341,723,790 users on Twitter.

To put it in perspective: A group of just over 100,000 users potentially reached some 65% of all Twitter users. To get the same number of impressions via Google AdSense that SXSWi got via Twitter would cost an estimated $2.5 million.

The infographic also provides interesting insights on exactly who was tweeting about SXSWi, and where from. You can read more about that and the implications of what’s revealed by visiting the Spredfast blog.


The Growth of Social Media: An Infographic

Nice infographic released today by Search Engine Journal – The Growth of Social Media.

The infographic clearly highlights the steep curve of the user growth rate in all age ranges and demographics, and the continuing pervasiveness of social networking into every facet of work, play and life in general.

You can view the original infographic on Search Engine Journal’s website, with options to enlarge or to embed on your own site.

Growth of Social Media Infographic

Click to Enlarge