Social Media for Non-Profits

Last week, Social: IRL hosted our second non-profits workshop at the Kansas Humane Society in Wichita, KS.

The event saw 65 non-profit attendees from across Kansas and Missouri come together for a day of shared learning focused on the potential of social media as a powerful integrated marketing, communications, and relationships platform, and a tool to drive positive action from supporters.

Social: IRL would like to thank our sponsors who made it possible for non-profit organizations to participate in the workshop free of charge. Thank you Cox Communications of Kansas, Delta Dental of Kansas, Colab Digital, UMB,  Shay Chic Events and Design, Northstar Comfort Servicers, and The Arnold Group.

We would also like to thank the speakers who helped create a valuable learning experience for our attendees, and left them both inspired and empowered. To quote attendee Marcia Mater with Oral Health Kansas, “Thank you for an exceptional learning experience.  My academic and professional experience is in communications… public awareness, organizational design and education.  I came into the seminar knowing the elements and concepts of social media.  What the speakers helped me realize is the interaction of the various elements to create a new approach to designing a communication system.

The day’s agenda featured Eric Melin with Sprial16, Ben Smith with Social: IRL, Maria Loving with Via Christi Health, Katie Grover with Fidelity Bank, Jessica Best with emfluence, JD Patton with Armstrong Chamberlin, and Jennifer Campbell with Kansas Humane Society.

Finally, a very special thank you to our hosts, the Kansas Humane Society, who graciously provided their facility for two non-profit workshops and more than 150 non-profit attendees.  We are inspired by the hard work and dedication consistently displayed by the staff and volunteers at the Kansas Humane Society and thank them for the service they provide to the Wichita community.

Our next non-profits workshop will take place in Springfield, Missouri, on August 23and will again be free for non-profit attendees.

Social Media for Non-Profits and Social Good – A special forum to be hosted by Social: IRL in Wichita, Kansas

On Thursday, May 3, Social: IRL will be hosting a special full-day interactive workshop, “Social Media for Non-Profits and Social Good.”

Taking place in Wichita, Kansas, the goal of the event is to bring together local and regional non-profit organizations, for a day that combines inspiration with learning focused on the potential of social media to be used as a powerful marketing, communications and relationships platform.  The main focus will be on non-profits, but the day’s takeaways will be valuable for any business or organization.

Attendees will learn from each other – connecting, sharing, hearing case studies, discussing what’s worked and how challenges have been overcome. Attendees will also learn through expert lead sessions covering important practical issues such as social media integration, community management, monitoring, relationship management, handling negative PR and crisis response, planning and strategy, best practices, effective content creation, and content marketing.

Our goal at Social: IRL is for as many local and regional non-profit organizations as possible to be able to participate in the event without having to pay registration fees. To help achieve this goal we are reaching out to sponsors to help cover expenses. We are re-structuring event sponsorships so that each sponsor will not only receive the typical branding and online and offline recognition, but with every sponsorship the sponsor will receive their own event registration and will also receive additional registrations to be awarded on their behalf to non-profit organizations wanting to attend.

For the sponsors, not only will they have supported and made possible non-profit participation in the event, but for themselves, participating in this inspirational day of learning will provide many valuable takeaways that can also be applied in their own businesses.

Full details of the event will be announced in the next week. Meantime, event registrations are open. Attendees are encouraged to sign up early as a limited number of spaces will be available.  Non-profit organizations may register up to two attendees at no charge. Other attendees may register at a subsidized full-day registration rate.

Potential sponsors may also contact us to learn more about supporting and participating in the event. Thank you to those sponsors already committed to making the event a success: Cox Communications, Delta Dental of Kansas, UMB Financial Corp, Colab Digital, Shay Chic Events and Design, Northstar Comfort Services.

Social Media for Non-Profits and Social Good

A special forum hosted by Social: IRL

9:00am to 4:00pm, Thursday, May 3, in Wichita, Kansas

Registration Now Open           RSVP on Facebook

Event registration page also includes current attendee list

Thanks everyone who joined Social: IRL in Wichita and Kansas City – Event recaps and key takeaways

The last few weeks have been busy for Social: IRL, with events in Wichita and Kansas City. January 31, we headed to Wichita, KS, to host “No BS Social Media” with Social Media Explorer’s Jason Falls.  Then, on February 9, we were in Kansas City with “Conversation Agent” Valeria Maltoni for “Rethinking Business in the Age of the Social Consumer.”

We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in these two special events and to share recaps posted by several event attendees.

No BS Social Media:

Jason Falls with SocialVolt's Derrek Harter, Joe Cox, and Scott Oppliger

We were joined in Wichita by a great group of attendees – the individual business and organizations represented are listed in this earlier post.  Jason Falls delivered a powerful presentation focusing on three key areas of social media – planning strategically, driving business, and measuring success.

Thank you event sponsors Cox Communications, Andy McGinnis Public Relations, ColabDigital, Spredfast, SocialVolt, Expion, Spiral16, emfluence, and ManageFlitter.

And a special thank you to our hosts Junior League of Wichita, who not only provided a great event space but treated attendees to food from their new cookbook.

For a recap of the event and a special video interview with Jason Falls, check out this post “Answers to tough Social Media Questions,” by event sponsor Sprial16.

Rethinking Business in the Age of the Social Consumer:

A diverse group of local and regional business, and national brands and agencies, joined Social: IRL in Kansas City for “Rethinking Business in the Age of the Social Consumer.”  The full attendee list is included in this earlier post.

Spiral16 Interview with Valeria Maltoni

Valeria Maltoni started the day with the keynote “Rethinking Business” session, which challenged attendees to rethink, deconstruct, and reconstruct established business practices. Afternoon sessions included Garmin’s Jake Jacobson on adding personality to a brand, Armstrong Teasdale’s Jeff Schultz on legal issues surrounding ownership of online content and community, Appinions‘ Larry Levy on rethinking influencer marketing, Spredfast’s Austin Lytle who helped attendees answer the question “Do I Need a Social Media Command Center”, and Expion’s Kevin Magee on the opportunities for regional and national brands to “take social local.”  The day wrapped up with SocialVolt’s Joe Cox and Spiral16’s Eric Melin leading a discussion on key takeaways.

Thank you event sponsors Spredfast, SocialVoltExpionSpiral16Appinions, emfluenceManageFlitter, Garmin, and the Social Media Club of Kansas City.  Also a special thank you to our venue, the Crowne Plaza Kansas City and their representative Patrick Conroy who not only took great care of attendees but took additional steps to ensure we had a robust wifi network with plenty of additional bandwidth.

For recaps and key takeaways from the sessions, check out these posts from some of our attendees:

Spredfast – Rethinking Business in the Age of the Social Consumer: Social IRL Insights

Tony Faustino – 5 Takeaways from Valeria Maltoni: Rethinking Business in the Age of the Social Consumer

Katy Ryan Schamberger – Conversation Isn’t Merely An Art Form; It’s A Business Strategy

Sprial16 – How to Refocus Your Business in the Social Age (includes video interview with Valeria Maltoni)

Ashley Mahoney – Social: IRL Conference in a Nutshell

Join us in Wichita for “No BS Social Media Marketing” with Jason Falls

On January 31, Social: IRL will return to Wichita, Kansas, for “No BS Social Media Marketing” with Jason Falls.  Limited registrations are available at just $35.

Jason Falls is a nationally recognized leader in social media, public relations and communications. He is an author, educator, consultant, professional speaker and the name behind Social Media Explorer. He was recently ranked by Forbes as one of the “Top Ten Influencers in Social Media.” You can find him on Twitter @JasonFalls.

For this special event in Wichita, Jason will start the evening with an hour long presentation “No BS Social Media Marketing”  – a powerful presentation with plenty of case studies and practical take aways. Jason will then spend another hour in open Q&A with the audience – a unique and valuable opportunity to put your question to a leading nationally acclaimed expert. We’ll then spend the final hour networking with Jason and fellow attendees and Jason will also sign copies of his highly acclaimed new book, No BS Social Media – The All-Business, No-Hype Guide to Social Media Marketing. Every attendee will receive a free copy of Jason’s book.

You can learn more and register on our event page.

Some of the businesses and organizations you’ll be able to connect with at the event include:

Cox Communications

Armstrong | Shank

Cessna Aircraft Company

Kansas Humane Society

Sterling College

Hawker Beechcraft

Koch Industries

Colab Digital

Stucky Nolte

Kansas Credit Union Association

American Red Cross Blood Services

Wichita on the Cheap

Koch Creative Group

Pierpoint Technology Group

The Golf Warehouse

Shay Chic Events & Design

West Heights United Methodist Church

Star Lumber & Supply

The Conlee Group

Media Partners, Inc

Kansas Area United Methodist Church

Andy McGinnis Public Relations

Oypx, LLC


Practice Living Joy

The Bombshell Factor™

Social Focus by CG





Purple Wave, Inc.


New World Energetics

Catalyst Creative Services

Cohlmia Marketing

Thank you event sponsors Cox CommunicationsAndy McGinnis Public RelationsColab DigitalJunior LeagueSpredfastSocialVolt, Expion, Spiral16emfluence, and ManageFlitter.

See you in Wichita on January 31. Spaces are limited so early registration is encouraged.

Join Jason Falls in Kansas City and Wichita for “No BS Social Media Marketing”

We’re excited to announce two new events with our good friend Jason Falls. We’re also excited to be able to make these events highly affordable and accessible with registration at just $35, which even includes a copy of Jason’s brand new book.

You’ll be able to join Social: IRL and Jason Falls in Kansas City on October 4 or Wichita on January 31, for special events helping mark the launch of Jason’s new book, No BS Social Media – The All-Business, No-Hype Guide to Social Media Marketing.

Jason Falls is a nationally recognized leader in social media, public relations and communications known for his engaging style, wit and humor, brutal honesty and adding value to each audience’s experience. He is an educator, consultant and professional speaker and the name behind Social Media Explorer. You can find him on Twitter@JasonFalls.

Jason has also proved extremely popular in Social: IRL’s own conference series, as part of our Explore and Engage boot camp which he co-presents with Brian Solis.

For these special events in Kansas City and Wichita, Jason will spend the first hour delivering a presentation on “No BS Social Media Marketing” and will then take another hour or so to answer attendees social media questions and lead group discussion. We’ll then spend the final hour with a book signing and networking. Don’t miss this unique, fun, informal yet informative, presentation and networking event with Jason Falls.

Registration is just $35 and includes a copy of Jason’s brand new book, which publishes in September, 2011.

Kansas City details and registration

Wichita details and registration

We’re also offering very affordable sponsorship opportunities starting at just $250. Sponsorships each include event registrations and copies of Jason’s book, as well as valuable online and on-site branding plus direct engagement with both Jason and the attendees prior to and during the event.

Explore and Engage: Links and resources

We’re pleased to share some of the content posted by attendees following our Explore and Engage event in Wichita KS:

Social: IRL Event Recap

Social: IRL Photo Gallery

Start Thinking Video – Attendee Interviews

WATC Photo Gallery

Sarah Scoular Blog – Engage

Sarah Scoular Blog Post – Explore

Jenn Bailey SMCKC Blog Post

Joe Cox Blog Post

Spiral16 notes on Brian Solis Presentation

Spiral16 notes on Jason Falls Presentation

Wichita Business Journal story on Brian Solis

Wichita Business Journal story on Jason Falls

“Social Media as a Continuum” blog by Lynn Wolf

Lynn Wolf YouTube Videos: Brian Solis  Jason Falls

Chirpstory compilation of #EEICT tweets (does not included any of the post event tweets)

Facebook Event

Gowalla Spot

Explore and Engage: A Quick recap

Thank you to the 120 attendees at Wednesday’s Explore and Engage with Jason Falls and  Brian Solis.

As with all Social: IRL events, the goal was for a hands-on event, lots of practical experience and learning, and for you to leave with new ideas and tools you could implement in a very real way. From reading your feedback on Twitter I feel confident we achieved that goal. Thank you for all the great comments. If you have any suggestions for future events I would welcome your feedback.

Thanks to each of the sponsors: Start-Thinking, Cox Communications, Klout, Spiral16, mBLAST, Wichita Area Technical College, Mashable, AAF Wichita and Wichita AMA.

A special thanks to Kris Schindler and the team from Start-Thinking who not only helped create and host Explore and Engage but put in a tremendous amount of behind the scenes work and helped everything run smoothly on the day. Also a special thanks to the team at Wichita Area Technical College. What a fantastic venue! I hope we’ll be back with another event.

It was great to see such a high level of engagement from those attending the event, even from those not present but following along on Twitter. The conversation had been pretty strong for some weeks, prompting this tweet from Jason Falls more than two weeks prior to the event.  But things really took off the day of the event and continued through the next day as attendees kept the conversation very much alive.

In just those two days alone we tracked some 1,446 tweets with the #EEICT event hashtag.

Thanks Brian and Jason. The ideas, thoughts and knowledge shared by the two of you was not just inspiring but was also presented in a very real context that gave great value to our attendees.  Looking forward to our next Explore and Engage event.

Next up is the Social: IRL Social Marketing Boot Camp with Sarah Evans. Join us for that event February 8 in Springfield MO.

In just a short while I’ll be posting links to Jason’s presentation and to blogs, videos, photo galleries, and other content shared by event attendees.  If you attended the event and have posted any content online, please send me the link and I’ll get it added.  I’ll also be posting my own photo gallery and some video highlights soon.

Thanks again for being part of Explore and Engage.

Excitement building for Explore and Engage

It’s been great to see excitement building for Explore and Engage with Jason Falls and Brian Solis, taking place in Wichita KS, on January 19.

Attendees will be traveling to Wichita from as far away as Alabama and British Columbia.

Buzz has been building on Twitter, prompting this tweet from Jason Falls:

Explore and Engage is not just a unique opportunity to learn from two of the nation’s leading experts in an intimate workshop setting, but is going to be a valuable opportunity to network with and learn from other attendees who are clearly excited about taking their presence on the social web to a whole new level.

There’s still time to register and be part of this special experience, but spaces are limited so you’ll need to act soon!

Social: IRL sponsoring four attendees for Brian Solis, Jason Falls and Sarah Evans events

Social: IRL is pleased to offer this special opportunity for four carefully selected individuals to receive complimentary registrations for upcoming events with leading social and new media experts Brian Solis, Jason Falls and Sarah Evans.

Two individuals will be selected to attend the Explore and Engage event with Jason Falls and Brian Solis in Wichita KS on January 19.

Two individuals will be selected to attend the Social Marketing Boot Camp with Sarah Evans in Springfield MO on February 8.

The opportunity is open to those who are self employed, represent a small business or non-profit organization, are a student, or are currently seeking employment.

The four attendees who are selected will be announced January 3.

To apply for one of the four complimentary registrations, you should describe in 500 words or less what you hope to learn from either Jason and Brian at the Explore and Engage event, or from Sarah at the Social Marketing Boot Camp, and explain how you feel you will be able to use social media to make a positive impact for yourself, your community, or the small business or non-profit organization you represent.

 Use our online contact form to submit entries.  Make sure to include full name, email, contact phone number, and Twitter user name (if applicable).

Why not get friends and family to support your entry by tweeting about it. Make sure to include hashtags so we can track the conversations. For the Wichita event use hashtag #EEICT. For Springfield use hashtag #SocialIRL.

Entries must be received by December 31, 2010. Individuals receiving the complimentary registrations will be announced January 3, 2011. Each individual will receive a complimentary event registration valued at $225. They will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements and expenses.